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Towing of Drilling Platform by “De Hong”
发布时间:2018-11-15 浏览次数:1941

On November 12th 2018, COES’s Ocean-going tug, “De Hong” and “De Yi” started towing the drilling platform “Well Target 3” from the dock of China Merchants Heavy Industry (JiangSu) shipyard in Nantong to QHD 32-6D platform located in Bohai Bay. The whole voyage took approximately seven days to cover 722 nautical miles. The 185MT bollard pull- tug “De Hong” is the main towing tug with “De Yi” acting as the escort tug.

“Well Target 3” is a Jack-up, drilling platform built in 2017, with a hull length of 65.25m, a breadth of 62.00m and weighing approximately 6,508MT. It is another demonstration of a successful, large platform ocean towage operation carried out by COES this year. As an experienced international towage contractor, COES has already provided its top-class towing service in more than 100 countries and comes highly praised by its clients.