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Main Business
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Ocean Towing

Ocean towing is one of the main businesses . As from 1970’s, COES started its international towage business. In 1998, COES associated with Svitzer Ocean Towage (ex “SmitWijs”), world- famous towage contractor, to establish Global Towage Alliance, to provide large- floating unit ocean towage such as FPSO and drilling rig, etc…

Our international track records have now spread to more than 100 nations, thanks to a  powerful towage fleet including 5 ocean-going tugs with more than 160 tons bollard pull.All our ocean-going tugs meet international qualifications and obtained relevant certifications such as ISO9000, DOC, SMC and ISPS.

The company has successfully towed 300,000t class FPSOs: P67, P69, P70 and other super large offshore floating storage tankers exceptionally long distances, as well conducting successful tows for large drilling platforms, floating docks, semi-submersible pipe-laying vessels and barges which demonstrates the company’s world leading ocean towing capability and capacity.  


Towing of FPSO P67
Towing of AKPO FPSO
Towing of FPSO
Towing of Large Platform