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Shanghai Salvage Company(COES)
It is one of the largest professional Salvage Company in the world
Establishment Time
Employees Number
No. of Vessels
COES now has more than 50 specialized vessels, including ten(10) offshore construction Vessels such as 4500MT DP3 floating crane vessel Chuang Li, 3000MT DP2 floating crane vessel Wei Li, 2500MT floating crane vessel Da Li, 700MT DP2 floating crane vessel Juli, 800MT floating crane barge Ke Li, 1200MT Self-elevating wind turbine installation vessel Qun Li, Mutipurpose DP2 CDSV Shen Qian Hao,DP3 Ultra-deep water reel lay vessel Shen Da Hao etc. Two(2) 26,000DWT Semi-submersible heavy lift transportation vessels . Nine(9) Ocean going tugs up to 20800bhp. 20AHTS vessels up to 15600bhp.
Over the years, more than 20,000 people in distress have been rescued, more than 2000 vessels in distress of all sorts have been salvaged, more than 1900 wrecks have been removed, and over 29000 tons of spilled oil and chemicals have been cleared by Shanghai Salvage Company, which has made great contribution to society and global environment.
For Public Welfare
For the public welfare, Shanghai Salvage Company undertake the responsibilities for people rescue, recovery of marine property, wreck removal, spilled-oil recovery and other emergency responses for the southeastern coastal area of China.
Farther And Stronger
SSC vision is to be a trusted partner recognized for being one of the global leaders in its segment, in the oil & gas industry. SSC mission is to deliver safe, effective and best value marine and offshore solutions across the world for the benefit of our stakeholders. SSC core values of HSSE, Quality & Operational Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, People & Leadership and Social Responsibility, are at the heart of everything we do. These core values are a source of inspiration for all SSC employees.
High QHSE Standard
Managing QHSE as a critical business activity . 1) Transit, deliver people and equipment in a safe condition and at a place of safety. 2) Set targets for improvement and measures, appraises and reports on performance. 3) Develop operating standards by adopting best practices and meeting or exceeding statutory requirement. 4) Protect health, environment and property that are involved in, contributing to or affected by our operations. 5) Eliminate environment impact by reducing waste, emission and discharges and using energy efficiently
Enhancing our Capabilities
& building for the future
COES continues to invest in modern, diverse and world-class assets. Our new investments in conventional offshore and subsea segments providing us a cutting edge advantage in the execution of a complete range of offshore and subsea projects in the most challenging environments worldwide. Our mutipurpose DP3 deep-water DSV “Shen Da Hao” is going to deliver soon. This vessel will be able to lay reeled rigid and flexible pipes up to 25.6” (flexible) and 18” (rigid). A 400MT heave compensated crane with Max 3000m water depth, and a 500m mobile saturation diving unit with two diving bell and 24 divers.