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Offshore Construction (Oil &Gas/Offshore Wind/Decommissioning)

Offshore Oil & Gas

COES brings and applies decades of accumulated experience from offshore engineering and project management to the planning and execution activities for each of our offshore installation projects undertaken for our clients. Quality and success of each project ensured by an experienced team of engineering supervisors, discipline engineers, technical specialists, DP masters, diving superintendents and other operational and support staff;

Thanks to a world-class fleet, COES is operating for a wide range of offshore installation activities: underwater projects, port engineering, topsides and modules installation, jacket lifting and installation, deep diving and ROV services, riser and SPM installation, offshore pile driving and underwater welding, underwater inspection, repair and maintenance etc.


There are many examples of successful heavy lifts at sea undertaken by Shanghai Salvage / COES fleet which can be showcased - such as those of the 3,000t lifting capacity crane vessel "Wei Li". This vessel has left global footprints in Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea of Europe, the Persian Gulf and many other waters, especially in the Gulf of Mexico, where it succeeded in lifting and installing the 2,900t jacket and in the Persian Gulf where it completed 2,441 tons of upper block lifting in full DP mode. Such successes have left a deep long lasting positive impression with many of the company’s international clients with excellent feedback having been solicited from them demonstrating an enviable track record.  


Certain of the company’s assets also have 500m water depth installation capability, including spool piece, subsea manifold, riser, single point mooring system installation, submarine cable laying, tubing maintenance and underwater immersed tunnel construction.



Offshore Wind Installation

COES continues to invest in modern, diverse and world class assets. In particular, we have developed and successfully brought to market a range of 'state of the art' new construction engineering heavy lift and transportation vessels which will be ideally placed going forward to support the emerging global offshore renewable energy sector. Our capabilities extend to include acting as a modern tier 1 contractor to offer an 'end to end' solution for the transportation and installation of offshore wind structures (both fixed and floating) and also array cabling for the renewable energy developers. COES has in place cooperation arrangements with collection and marshalling ports and noise abatement third parties worldwide and is fully able to manage all the necessary sub contract interfaces to bring simplicity and added benefit to its clients.  




Due to similarity between offshore structure decommissioning and wreck removal, COES could transfer its superb existing skills and assets to decommissioning works. COES can provide 'End to End' solutions to our clients and covering all work scope of dismantling, transportation, removal and recycling of offshore structures and subsea infrastructure.  



DA Li Hao in Offshore Installation
WeiLi Lifting 2395MT Jacket
Shen Qian Hao in Offshore Reparing Project
Shen Qian Hao in Offshore Operation
Decommissioning Project In Brunei
Offshore Wind Installation
WeiLi Operation in Southeast Asia
Qunli Installation Wind Tur
Inter-Array Cable Installa
Substation Installa