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Saturation Diving

Saturation diving is one of the core business in COES and a new economic growth point. In December 2006, 200m saturation diving methodology was adopted for repairing the single point riser of Panyu oilfield, which is a breakthrough in the commercial application of  saturation diving technology in China. In 2009, the worldwide advanced 300m saturation diving system was installed on the newly built DSV Shen Qian Hao, which lead our deep diving operation capacity to the international first-class level. Over the years, saturation diving operations have been successfully carried out by COES in Panyu, Xijiang, Wenchang, Yacheng and Huizhou oilfields in the South China Sea.  In January 2014, the first  saturation diving operation deeper than 300m in China was completed by COES at the South China Sea, and the maximum depth reached 313.5m.

Saturation Diving Operation
300m Saturation Diving Operation
Saturation Diving Operation
Riser installation by Saturation Diving