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“Shen Da Hao” Reach Key Milestones
发布时间:2022-12-04 浏览次数:972

Recently, major progress has been made for the construction of “Shen Da Hao", a ultra-deep water construction pipe lay vessel built by Wuhan Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., LTD. A number of key milestones relate to major equipment installation such as Reel and R-lay tower installation have been successfully completed, providing more favorable conditions for subsequent pipelaying system commissioning, sea trial and delivery on schedule.

The DP3“Shen Da Hao" will be able to lay reeled rigid and flexible pipes up to 25.6” (flexible) and 18” (rigid). A 400MT heave compensated crane with Max 3000m water depth, and a 500m mobile saturation diving unit with two diving bell and 24 divers.