Ocean Towage

As from 1970’s, COES started its international towage business. In 1998, COES associated with Svizter Ocean Towage (ex “SmitWijs”), world-famous towage contractor, to establish Global Towage Alliance, to provide large-floating unit ocean towage, such as FPSO and drilling rig, etc….

Our international track records have now spread to more than 100 nations. All our ocean-going tugs meet international qualifications and obtained relevant certifications such as ISO9000, DOC, SMC and ISPS.

COES has successfully towed 300,000t class P67, P69, P70 and other super large offshore floating storage tankers (FPSO) exceptionally long distances, as well conducting successful tows for large drilling platforms, floating docks, semi-submersible pipe-laying vessels and barges which demonstrates the company’s world leading ocean towing capability and capacity.  

COES obtained outstanding achievements and rich experiences in the international towage industry. For example, in 2004, we towed FPSO “ERHA” from Korea to Nigeria; in 2005, towed FPSO “UNITY” with DWT more than 300,000 from Korea to Nigeria and at the same year towed FPSO “SANHA” from Japan to Nigeria; we completed the long-way towage trip with semi-sub pipe-laying barge “SEMAC1” from Singapore to Rotterdam in 2007; in 2008, we provided an excellent services for the towage of FPSO “OKPO” from Korea to Nigeria; and in early 2011, we finished our mission for towing submersible rig “Ensco 7500” from singapore to Rio de Janeiro.